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Rewarding renters with cashback for making their landlords life easier 

Yaldi Renting and Renters work together to handle preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance for landlords and property managers. In turn, renters are rewarded with hundreds of dollars in cashback, along with their rent payments helping to build their credit score.

How We Create A Win-Win 
Renters Use The Yaldi System To Assist Their Landlord or Property Manager
  • Never received the dreaded 2am emergency call - we handle all emergency maintenance for landlords & property managers.

  • Technology Driven: In the case of emergencies, renters are connected with our service professionals over a video call to diagnose the problem.

  • Property is well maintained & potentially expensive issues found early as a result of maintenance checklists of the property completed every 4 months. 

Ready To Re-Rent 
Renters Get Rewarded
  • We make sure the property is rent-ready when renters leave. 

  • With our supplied maintenance kits and guidance, renters ensure the property is well maintained and ready for the next renter as soon as they move out. 

  • If renters don't want to make the property re-rentable, Yaldi does the work

  • Renters are rewarded with 3% of their total yearly rent payments back in cash (eg. $648 for $1800/month rent on a one year lease).

  • Renters are only rewarded providing they follow the Yaldi Renting System - pay rent on time, complete maintenance checklists etc.

How It Works.... 
It all starts with getting great renters.

The Yaldi Renting system attracts renters that take pride in their home and it deters the ones who don't. Great renters make their landlord's life easier while keeping the property in great condition. The Yaldi Renting system unlocks the tremendous value these great renters bring by creating a win-win relationship. 

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Renters work with Yaldi Renting to ensure the property is well looked after, in good and bad times.
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Yaldi Renters complete thorough guided maintenance checks of the property every four months, which are designed to catch issues that can cause severe property damage.


Inevitably, emergencies do happen no matter how good maintenance checks are. Yaldi Renting provides 24/7 emergency support to our landlords and renters. In emergencies, we connect renters with our qualified vendors over a video call service to diagnose and troubleshoot issues. 35%-45% of issues are solved over the phone and when they can't be, the appropriate vendor is dispatched. 


At the end of the lease, we ensure the property is move-in ready for the next renters.

We minimize the awkward security deposit disputes and turnover time between leases. We make sure the property is re-rentable as soon as the lease is finished. We are able to do this because if renters do not want to do the required work and fixes, we do the necessary work to bring it up to our rent-ready standard. 

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Collecting Money
...and in the end, the win-win situation is complete as Renters get rewarded with cashback and increased credit score!

As a thank you to renters for all their care and support, they are rewarded with 3% of total rent payments back in cash along with their rent payments contributing towards improving their credit score.

How Maintenance Support Works
1) Renters complete guided maintenance checks with their phone camera every four months. 
2) For an emergency situation Renters call Yaldi Renting to help solve the issue.

We troubleshoot the problem over the phone and connect them via an interactive video call with the appropriate tradesmen.

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3) When Renters move out, they use the Yaldi maintenance kit to ensure the property is in great condition and ready for the next renters to move in right away.

If the property isn't up to our Rent-Ready standard we use the cashback reward to bring it up to par.

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