Creating a Win-Win By Rewarding Renters For Helping Their Landlords

Yaldi Renting helps renters properly document move-in and move-out inspections along with completing maintenance checks for their landlords.

As a reward to renters for helping their landlords, each rent payment builds their credit score and they have a 1 in 33 chance of winning the $1000 Yaldi lottery, every four months.

How We Create A Win-Win 
Move-in and Move-out
Maintenance Support

1. Maintenance Tool Kit
Renters recieve maintenance kits and guidance to help maintain the property. 

1. Photo-Based Move-in and Move-out inspections 


Renters are guided on a comprehensive move-in inspection of the property, taking pictures of the entire property to reduce disputes on move-out.


Renters then use the maintenance kit provided to ensure the property is kept in the same condition as when they moved in. 



2. Guided Maintenance Checks

Renters complete picture-based guided maintenance checks every four months which are relayed to landlords in a PDF report.

Landlords Get Peace Of Mind!
Renters Get Rewarded!

1. Increased Credit Score 

Rent payments contribute to building credit. 

2. Yaldi Lottery 

Every renter who completed their maintenance check and paid rent on time is entered into the Yaldi Lottery every four months. 

How It Works.... 
Landlords join the Yaldi Renting system and ask their renters if they would also like to join.

Alternatively, if they are advertising a vacant unit, they can include the Yaldi Renting Lottery System in their advertisement as an extra incentive program. 
Buying a House
Yaldi Renting delivers a maintenance kit to the rental property. 

If the landlord doesn't have any paint left from painting the property, a paint color match is completed so renters have all the tools and paint to repair drywall damage.
Renters complete guided move-in and move-out inspections along with completing maintenance checks for their landlords. 
Mobile device with man hands taking picture in  tiled bathroom with windows towards garden
Excited male and female hipsters rejoice in winning an internet lottery made bets on websi
Renters have a 1 in 33 chance to win the $1000 Yaldi Lottery every 4 months.