About Yaldi Renting

Yaldi Renting was founded with a single mission:

To create a win-win relationship between renters and landlords that helps to secure both their long-term financial futures.

The word Yaldi is a Scottish slang word meaning excitement or joy. That is precisely what we are bringing to the archaic rental property industry.

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The Founders And How It All Began

We are brothers that moved to Canada in 2013 after graduating from university in Scotland. After experiencing the rental market from both the renter and DIY landlord side, we felt the current status quo method left a lot to be desired and there had to be a better way of doing it. 

The inspiration for Yaldi Renting came when we rented our house to an amazing family who took such great care of the property and looked after it like it was their own. We couldn't thank them enough and wanted to give them something to show our appreciation…after thinking about it, we felt that there should be a system that automatically rewards great renters like this who take exceptional care of wherever they live and make their landlord's life easy... as a result, the Yaldi Renting system and platform were born. We set out to create a platform that promoted great tenant-landlord relationships through a financial win-win system and that is exactly what Yaldi Renting does.

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