Want to get rewarded with $450 for renting?

We reward renters with on average $450 cash per year and protect landlords from bad tenants.

We are a rental property platform that helps renters and landlords secure their financial future by creating a win-win relationship.

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How We Create A Win-Win 
Increased Landlord Security 
  • Exceptional pre-qualified renters to fill your vacancies quicker. 

  • 6 months rent guarantee insurance & $2000 property damage coverage.

Renters Help Landlords
  • Renters take care of small maintenance needs. 

  • Renters complete full maintenance checklists of the property every 4 months.

Renters Get Rewarded
  • Renters are rewarded with 2% of their total yearly rent payments back in cash ($450 on average). It's that simple.

Renter Benefits

  • FINALLY get rewarded for being a great renter.

  • We reward renters with an average yearly payment of $450 cash.

  • We don't charge renters any fees.

  • You only need to provide your personal information for screening once.

Landlord Benefits

  • Fill your vacancy quicker with access to pre-screened, high-quality renters.

  • 6 months of rent guarantee insurance. 

  • $2,ooo property damage insurance.

  • Guaranteed low maintenance renters.

  • Renters help you manage the property. 

  • All at a cost of only 5.5% of the monthly rent plus a $250 leasing fee once one of our renters signs your lease.

Landlords: Are you worried about getting a bad tenant and don't want to pay the high costs associated with a property manager?

Renters: Why not get rewarded for being the great renter you likely already are?

Join the rental property platform that creates a win-win relationship while improving the  financial security for both landlords and renters. 


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