FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rent higher when renting through the Yaldi Renting system? 

Why is the landlord willing to compensate the renter?

When does the renter receive the cash reward?

When would the renter NOT receive the cash reward?

What does the maintenance checklist consist of?

What are some examples of maintenance needs that are less than $20 to fix, and in turn, the responsibility of the renter?

How is the 'renter score' produced?

Why are renters with a credit score of less than 700 not allowed on the platform?

What does the landlord gain from renting through the Yaldi Renting system?

What happens if there is a dispute regarding property damage between the renter and the landlord?

Who holds the security deposit?

What does Yaldi Renting charge for this service?

How secure is Yaldi Renting?