FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Is the rent higher when renting through the Yaldi Renting system? 

  • No, the rent is the same as market rent because the cost is covered by the landlord.

Why is the Landlord willing to compensate the renter?

  • Most great renters don’t realize the value they bring to a landlord. They save landlords a tremendous amount of time, energy and stress.

  • Yaldi landlords are willing to compensate great renters for making their lives easier and taking care of their property. 

Renter Rewards

When do renters receive a cash reward?

  • The renter receives the cash reward if they win the lottery. They only get entered into the lottery if they complete their maintenance checks every 4 months and have paid rent on time the previous four months.

When would renters not receive a cash reward?

  • The renter does not receive the cash reward if they do not complete the maintenance check and therefore aren't entered into the lottery. Or have not paid rent on time any month during the last four months.

Renter Maintenance

What does the maintenance checklist consist of?

  • The maintenance checklist is a simple room-by-room list of standard preventative checks to help identify issues early, that can save the landlord large maintenance bills down the road.

  • It also ensures the property is abiding by health and safety standards for renters.

  • The average time to complete the checklist is 15-20mins.


What does the landlord gain from renting through the Yaldi Renting system?

  • It is extra security for the landlord knowing that their property and appliances are being well maintained through maintenance checks every 4 months. The appliance status report is valuable information to have for when repairs are needed and capital allocation decisions are needed. The renter also feels appreciated.

Who holds the security deposit?

  • Yaldi Renting does not manage or deal with security deposits. Yaldi landlords still hold the security deposit as they normally would. As such, Yaldi Renting does not participate in security deposit disputes between landlords and renters. Yaldi Renting only controls the cash reward to the renters.


How secure is Yaldi Renting?

  • Sensitive information such as renter's & landlord's bank information is not held by Yaldi Renting. Instead, these are held by our established and secure online payment processing partner.

  • Rent payments are handled securely by our registered and regulated payment processing partner.

  • For the Yaldi Renting website itself, there is the same safety encryption technology implemented by many major sites, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), validated by an SSL certificate. This ensures that all landlord and renter data is encrypted, making it secure when they register with the site.